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's second term. what we are expecting and what is next for students from lee university. we will tell you why they are preparing to hit the high note at today's ceremony. >> four minutes till the top of the hour. take a look at the nfl edition of the good, the bad, the ugly. first the good. it's brother versus brother in the super bowl and 49ers coach jim harbaugh against older brother, john. and regarding this move, for several minutes he's out and luckily he did get up on his own. the ugly, back to jim harbaugh, going ballistic with the falcons got the benefit of a controversial call over a catch and cost him his head set, in the end they ended up winning. and we're taking a live look at the capitol, in six hours, president obama will take the oath ushering in his second term. and for some it's a first. >> reporter: it was last october when lee university's president received a telephone call from senator lamar alexander, inviting the school's choir to perform at the inauguration. >> he didn't say, you might need 24 hours to think about it before you answer me. i said, senator, i don'
, cheerios >>> we are listening to the beautiful sounds coming from one of the choirs at lee university. lee university is in cleveland, tennessee. and at first i wasn't sure where that sound was coming from. i forgot our gorgeous vantage point right there behind us. that is where they are performing this morning. beautiful. >> we are in the 500 block of pennsylvania avenue atop the canadian embassy. and we can clearly hear. i'm sure there are speakers. i can see some of the jumbotrons but we can hear this choir performing. the festivities, the program i should say at the capitol has indeed begun. in just a couple moments, we will be hearing from the united states marine band. >> okay. and of course the morning is rolling on. we are right here to bring all of the activities to you on this 57th inauguration day. the inauguration of president barack obama. we will be right back. . dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and cre
-choo] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] host: lee universe the out of cleveland, tennessee. ps22 and lee university performed. senator charles schumer and the congressman from tennessee are the coordinators' of the events. why do you go to the white house on a regular basis? guest: mostly to do presentations on the book i wrote called the black history of the white house. the first, when was to do a presentation before the white house staff, both the presidential staff and the household staff and it was a very emotional moment for me but also for many people there because they knew they were part of an historic moment but the details i tried to outline in the book and talking about the construction of the white house and people who were enslaved and people who escaped from the white house, the history of what happened with president lincoln and the transition to opening up the door so african-americans could come and meet with the president -- all that history, people were not aware of. it was a powerful exchange between myself and the people who attended. that is why i took the opportunity to bring my son and my wif
in cleveland, tennessee. it was last october when lee university's president received a telephone call from senator lamar alexander, inviting the school's festival choir to perform at the inauguration. >> he didn't say, you might need -- you might need 24 hours to think this over before you answer me, i said, senator, i don't need 24 hours, the anticipate-- answer is yes, of course we'll provide a choir. ♪ faith is a central component to the lee university story. billy graham avenue runs right through the heart of the campus. >> our core values are christ centered excellence and by that, we mean that we believe in doing all things well and the motivating reasons for everything we do is our commitment to jesus christ. >> and on inauguration day, that faith will flavor their music. >> the music was an exciting experience, but a little challenging as well. we want to represent a lot of things as we sing. first of all, the excellence that we put forth in school music, but also, represent who we are, and who america is. >> you know, these students have been putting in extra hours to learn 30 m
is referring to lee university singers who hail from the eu -- lee university in tennessee. next is a call from john. john is a naperville, illinois. an independent there. caller: i really enjoyed the inaugural program. in particular, president obama saying we need not choose between those who brought us where we are today and those who stand for where we will be in the future. then i have a question. what is the history behind the flags displayed in front of the white house? host: the white house or the capital? caller: the capital. host: there is information about the flags, which i can get for you, but not immediately. let's listen to a call from iran in georgia. you are on. republican. welcome. caller: i watched the first inauguration and thought it was wonderful. host: today the ceremonies? 2008? caller: the first inauguration he had. my main comments i wanted to make is being a republican, i am almost ashamed to say that. i did vote democratic, and i voted for president obama. the reason i did vote for him is because we need change and things to go on and start getting these people togeth
. >> reporter: a team of 16 surgeons, led by dr. andrew lee at johns hopkins university hospital in baltimore, performed the 13-hour surgery last month. before that, there had been only six successful double-hand transplants, and never anything like this. >> we knew arm transplants can help people, but we didn't know whether we could transplant so high up in the arm. >> reporter: marrocco will have to go through years of physical therapy, which meant the decision to do the transplant was as much psychological as medical. >> with the determination and stamina that brendan has demonstrated, we had no doubt this was the right thing to do for him. >> reporter: his doctors predicted marrocco will eventually be using his hands for just about everything. >> you know, i never really accepted the fact that i didn't have arms, so now that i have them again, it's... it's almost like it never happened. it's like i went back four years >> reporter: brendan marrocco was discharged from the hospital today. no one will be watching his recovery more closely than four other servicemen who have since joined him
selected to perform today. the brooklyn tabernacle choir, choir from lee university in tennessee, and the choir that's performing right now. it's a group of 65 fifth graders from ps22 on staten island. senator chuck schumer of new york is the chairman of the inaugural committee. they are from staten island which was so hard hit by superstorm sandy. they performed at the oscars and they are singing god bless the "usa today." james taylor is performing today. kelly clarkson will be singing "my country tis of thee." and beyonce singing "the star spangled banner." >> it has to be an honor to be selected by the president to sing. thinking about james taylor it was interesting to note if it would have gone differently, he would have been senator taylor. >> he said the right thing. i should do what i love and do what i do best. >> when real estate people talk about location location blair house has it all. margaret brennan is there to show us what's inside. margaret good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. blair house is about location location, location. it's
todd thank you. we're watching the lee university choir out of cleveland singing on the wall here. lots of beautiful sights and sounds throughout the day. we'll be right back live from the dubliner on inauguration day in washington, d.c. i'm jessica simpson. and this year is all about new beginnings for me. i lost over 50 lbs on weight watchers and did not have to be perfect to do it. being healthy has become a part of who i am which is great timing because i'm having another baby. i feel like i'm on top of the world. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. because when a weight loss program is built for human nature, you can expect amazing. join for free and expect amazing. because it works. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formu
the marine band has taken their positions. you may be able to hear the lee university choir singing choruses, coming to sing for the many people who have taken their ticketed seats for the front row view of this important event at 11:30. back to you. >> thanks, julie. tom has the inauguration day forecast. tom? >> right now it's still cold around the washington metro area. temperatures are now in the mid and upper 30s. reagan national at 38. ought to be in the low 40s at
to the lee university festival choir. they're located in tennessee, the foothills of appalachia. a wonderful reminder, all of the people who practiced, all the people who care, on this inauguration morning. we'll return in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ ♪ all set? all set. [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse, with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. g
of the republican party and a whole lot more. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> the lee university festival choir from cleveland, tennessee. they're performing right now at the u.s. capitol. about 200 students. they were chosen by senator lamar alexander to represent this part of tennessee, and they're doing a magnificent, beautiful, beautiful job. you saw the president. he left the church a little while ago. the first family, they are now inside the white house. but they'll be getting ready. this is videotape that we saw earlier when the motorcade arrived. the daughters, the first lady, and the president walking up the stairs, going inside. you know, there's a whole lot of stuff going on in this second term for the first family that our white house correspondent brianna keilar is learning about during her husband's first term, brianna, america's first lady made america's children, their families, two of our most important priorities. now this self-proclaimed mom in chief faces a bigger challenge, raising teenagers at the white house, among other things. brianna, i know you've been doing some reporting on what we can expe
for >> the ravens went through a good practice this afternoon at tulane university. john harbaugh seemed very pleased. joe flacco was very sharp. the attention all week has been lee lewis. he seems really focused for this game despite all the controversy. he is disgusted that the media has made such a big deal of it all. >> it is just sad, once again that someone can have this much attention on the stage of this bay where the dreams are really real. they are really real. i don't need it. my teammates down it. the 49ers don't need it. nobody needed because it shows you how people really plan things to try to attack people. >> the ravens had to battle the gusty wind at the out door to that facility. this game, as you know is in the dome so the wind will not be a factor. but john harbaugh wanted to get his guys on a normal schedule. the ravens have a whole lot of motivation for this one. >> we want to get it done for all of our vets and all of our fans. we have been a dominant team for years. we did not have the championships to show it. now we have the opportunity to get one. >> let's go to col
to cause heart attack and strokes. drug is culled tore doll and one bay area university admits to giving those injections to the players. lee ann has the stor story. >> i'll be excited to be on a team that wants me. >>reporter: two years ago former usc football player suffered a heart attack. he was 20 at the time. he is suing the university for giving him several shots of powerful pain killer called tore doll. he says his client was injected repeatedly for pain in the ankle. >> inject him before the game started. they would then check with him at half time and bring it back in and they could see he was having a trouble and inject them again. >>reporter: we surveyed 25 colleges. some denied using the drug. other universities lake usc, clemson, texas a and am, oklahoma, nebraska hand so say reported giving their players this drug. brian ross more. >> college football team doctors across the country are using this pain killer so that injured+ players can get on the field and play for the team and help them win. >>reporter: manufacturer warning label specifically says the drug is
ever completed, 37-year-old richard lee norris is regaining the ability to speak and show expression. the university of maryland has recently released detailtion on hus amazing progress and doctor steven hopping joins us now to explain why this is, perhaps, the biggest medical story of 2012 and welcome. we talked about this before. in fact we talked about several of these full-face transplants but this is amazing, isn't it? >> this is the seventh and the most extensive transplant right in our backyard. university of maryland, shock trauma unit and it's been a remarkable success, barbara. >> would you have ever expected it to be this successful? he had the everything, the tongue, cheeks, everything, transplant snootd i remember when the first entrance plant that was done and i think it was you that interviewed me. i thought, this is going to be a fad. this is for real and this has a future and it's a fantastic result. yes, with therapy he's speaking, eating, talking, smiling, he looks normal. you can pass him in the street and not stare at him. >> and here he is before and this is aft
with residents. the young girl was shot in the leg. it is a flesh wound. still, she is 8 years old. amber lee will have more details tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a judge ordered oikos university shooting suspect one goh to be transferred to napa state hospital. a judge suspended local proceedings against him. the judge ordered one goh to be taken to the mental hospital by february 11. one goh killed 7 people at oikos university in april of last year. >>> family is devastated tonight after a crash claimed three lives, two of them young brothers. ktvu's cara liu joins us now and she spoke with the brother of one of the victims. >> reporter: that's right. lot of emotion out here. we have seen a number of people coming by this home of the young man who was behind the wheel. >> reporter: three people killed in a wreck last night. two of them brothers, 12 and 16. the third a 21-year-old driver. >> david: huge loss. >> reporter: his brother says the family is destroyed by what happened. >> can't deny i cry all night long and this mor
next week. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller from new york. activists say a pair of explosions at a university in syria today killed more than 80 students on the first day of exams. rebel fighters blame each other as is standard these days for the blast. the blast that reportedly killed students and other people at the university dorms in aleppo. you see the aftermath here. activists say the death toll is likely to grow because dozens of people are still critical. state television reported that terrorists launched rockets at the campus while activists said syrian war planes actually attacked it with missiles. aleppo has been home so some of the most intense fighting of the entire civil war which the united nations reports has led to the death of more than 60,000 people. next time somebody robs a pharmacy it could be a lot easier for the cops to catch them. police say they will be hiding g.p.s. devices in drug stores. so how will that work? details coming in a fox urgent. the house of representatives has just begun voting. it happened a few minutes ago on billions of dollars for
is the center of the universe in football these days and also for local businesses in the central valley town where he grew up. lee painter has the story. >> january typically a slow time for bakers it's after the holiday season but since we still have football season and 49ers are on fire, these oven are firing back up and cashing in than on lucky no. 7. when it comes to frosting colors red gold make green at this bakery in tour lock. >> slow time of year so this is instant hotel day, local tour lock football hero turned local nfl star has ignited the oven and desire to have a delicious piece of his success. >> gosh i captain even count them the. we started out this morning with a rack and by about 10:30 the t-about the time you called we were running low so we have another rack going. we need them now. yes. so we really have been hit ivshtion cookie consumer come from out of town. >> we heard bit lets go get one to take it to my husband. >>reporter: and the moms don't have a problem buying their kids sugar now that they look up to sports star who also i hope expires a college educatio
are not attractive. it seems that when a majority of people internalize the big bang theory and asked with peggy lee is that all there is, when many people decide that the universe is merely the result of the cosmic sneeze with no transcendent meaning, when they conclude that there for life should be filled to overflowing with distractions, comfort and entertainments to assuage the boredom, then they may become susceptible to the excitement of politics that promise meaning and salvation from a human condition bereft of transcendence and therefore barron. we know from bitter experience of the 20th century the political consequences of this felt meaninglessness. the political nature and the vacuum of meaning is filled by secular fighting such as fascism and communism. fascism gave its adherents a meaningful life of destiny. communism taught its adherence for meaning for the participation in the drama of history on folding destiny. the excruciating political paradox of modernity is this. it's the moral bloody history of religious strife but there is no precedents for blood shed on the skill produced in
will appear on the website yelp as soon as today. lee hopes the information will later be added to other websites that offer restaurant listings including google and trip advisor. >>> some republican state lawmakers are proposing a tuition freeze for california state university and university of california students. >> that freeze would last for at least 7 years while prop 30 remains in effect. voters approved the tax measure this past november. some of the prop 30 revenue is earmarked for higher education. but as of now, the csu and uc boards could still raise student fees. >>> a new national study suggests the more money parents contribute to their children's college education the lower their grades. a sociology professor telling the "new york times" the effect is modest, not big enough to make the students fail out of college. but she said it is surprising because parents assume that more money they give the better the child will perform in school. >>> the feds are putting new rules in place aimed at protecting homeowners from companies that collec
syracuse university and the john marshall law school and has won accuracy in media irvine award for excellence in journalism. join me in welcoming our panelists. [applause] [applause] >> lee, would you like to start? >> it is such a pleasure and honor to be here. once again i was flattered to be asked to participate in the first seminar last year i didn't do too badly. i see some good friends out here and also some people i admire including if senator jim buckley. he deserve a round of applause. let us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became in bill buckley's words, the most important american defector from communism. and its treasonous adherents, continued in august of 1948 when he identified alger hiss, a golden boy of the liberal establishment as a fellow member of his underground communist cell in the 1930s. this was a former assistant of the secretary of state and adviser to of franklin d. roosevelt, acting secretary-general of united nations' founding conference in san francisco and recently named president of the carnegie end
. when did mary lee get tagged. what is the process of doing that? >> mary lee tagged in mid september off cape cod, massachusetts. we have the privilege in this study, my chief scientist, dr. greg skomol, from the university of massachusetts. we went up there to capture giant great white sharks to do everything he always dreamed of, solve the puzzle of their lives, get the data to protect their future. we were working three miles offshore. and mary lee showed up at the back of our research vels. we knew it was the perfect specimen. a big massive female. could show us where and when the great white is breeding but potentially lead to us the nursery where baby sharks are most vulnerable two things we must understand to impact and ensure their future. she was the perfect fish, the most difficult conditions when we captured her. she was massive, a lot of people around and able to catch one of the most legendary fish in history and get the latest technology on her and see it manifested in the tracker with the whole world able to follow her real time. >> very cool pictures of mary lee right
lee smith reauthorization. also, in addition to providing these grants to tribal organizations and to colleges and universities as well. the question that i would have for you as director is how we can do more within our colleges and within our universities to provide for identification, early treatment, early intervention, and the treatment services that might make a difference with our young people in our universities. we see these documented mental health needs. i am concerned that we do not have sufficient flexibility within the programs that currently exist to help address this need. can you speak to your observations and what we could be doing better to address those? >> thank you for the question. as you know, the surgeon general, along with a very strong public-private partnership last september, put out a national strategy for suicide prevention. in that strategy, there were several high-priority things identified. i do not have the time nor memory to go through all of them at the moment, but there were some very key things like identifying, even as we have been talkin
have something to do with the improvement of the grades. i attended local schools in lee county. i was at the top of the class. i went to college and also graduated with honors from the university of florida. but i felt the the thing that taught me the best was when i started making my own independent cultural studies, many of india and china, the buddhist and yoga culture in india. the performance intellectually can actually be improved through ancient methods of study and balance and diet, and so on. none of that seems to be handled much in the american schools. it seems like we expect a certain agenda or certain list of courses to make an intellectual and externally. and if they don't make it, there's nothing else that can save them. that just is not the case. the development of intellectual prowess is more of an internal and cultural measure. some cultures are doing pretty well. india and china have very good intellectual records. host: we will look at a tweet -- here is a headline in the wall street journal -- that's why we're asking you this morning whether you think it's a c
and some other universities where police have to start asking questions, was it drug-related, was it gang-related, was this a score settling of any type? these are the types of questions. and congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas who represents this area, harris county, texas, was asked that question and sort of restated it on air a while ago but we doubled back to her office and they told us, the fact of the matter is, the school does not have, to their knowledge, a gang problem and neither does the area. we went so far as to look at the 2011 security report for north star college system and that includes the harris county campus, the north harris county campus. and it shows almost nothing. a couple car breakins, nothing significant at all. of course, you also have to caution that a lot of universities and schools do not like to report crimes if they don't have to. but the evidence we have right now is, this is a very safe, secure environment and something highly unusual to happen on this campus, wolf. >> that would seem to suggest this is not an area, not a greater part of the houst
emeryville and off of the bridge down to university. marla, back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. we'll be back with our next weather update at 10:26. we'll see you then. >>> from nbc news, this "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in ckefelr plaza. >>> hey, everybody. yeah, it winless wednesday for the first time in history. january 9, 2013. wee happy you're here. we're suging a lile. >> no, we' not. here'shat we're doing.. look at my drink. >> yes. >> this is areen drink, and we'reoing to dcuss it. but fir of a focus othe number. 28 days untilhere will be nothing green in this glass again, will be wine. we're doing a a countdn. >> this is my friend she g it from another friend, she didn' take credit for it but i'm giving hercredit. >> what is it? >> fresh spinac nana, piple juice, mt leaves, andice. if you want the whole sha bang, go o our websit it's really delicious. first time i wasik i don think so, b then i wante it every single day. >> really delious. we'r getting a lot ofwitter feedback on ouriving up wine from the show. cheryl wrote, giving u
. >> exactly. >> thank you. kathie lee and hoda are getting fit, next hour. >>> good morning to you. google's executive chairman is getting the firsthand look at how north korean students use the internet. eric schmidt and bill richardson are touring the university in pyongyang today. the students showed the visitors how they search for documents using google and wikipedia. richardson says the visit is quote part of a private humanitarian trip. north korea is said to have the world's most restrictive internet policies. now, a check of the forecast. >> we got a good looking day shaping up. high pressure is firmly in control. mostly sunny conditions by 11:00 a.m. and that's going to warm us up into the mid to upper 60s. your highs for today, super comfortable. temperatures in the 67 to 68-degree range. and 66 degrees in redwood city. i'm not being as generous as i could be with some of those. tomorrow, we lose all that warmth, fall back into the mid-50s, even cooler with some low snow on the way. 20% chance of a stray shower on sunday. let's check that drive with mike. >> first, we'll take a
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)